Are you looking for a Managed Service Provider (MSP)? SkyView Technology is an MSP that offers the best in Managed IT Services to Chicago, Charlotte and Charleston. Managing your Information Technology network, servers and other components for your business can become a full-time job. In fact, even smaller businesses are finding that their Information Technology (IT) needs have grown beyond their scope of expertise; so, looking into an MSP makes more sense than ever. While hiring a full-time Information Technology staff may not be in your business’ budget, you can have the benefit of full-time IT support services with SkyView Technology’s Managed IT Services and support.

With advanced needs to maintain security and compliance in your data and Information Technology management, an MSP offers you the expertise of Information Technology professionals at an affordable cost. Hiring the right MSP provides the Managed IT Services that your company requires. Our outsourced Managed IT Services deliver the technical support necessary to oversee all the moving parts of your business’ Information Technology processes while ensuring that your business is always meeting and exceeding security and performance standards. SkyView Technology is the MSP that businesses rely on to be an integral part of their IT team.

The MSP That Businesses Count On!

At SkyView Technology, we work with many businesses across the country, in all industries and every size. As a Managed IT Services provider or MSP, we help our clients stay on top of all their Information Technology needs, including complex compliance requirements. We specialize in working with businesses that require advanced Information Technology managed services, such as law firms, medical practices and non-profit organizations.

Our MSP model is designed to help keep your business data and network secure while addressing any changes in compliance requirements. While SkyView manages these Information Technology services, you can concentrate on what you do best — managing, running and growing your business. Contact us today to learn more about our MSP offering, our Managed IT Services and other outsourcing services we can provide.

MSP for Process Management

Process Management is an essential part of any business. Everything you do relies on processes that are designed to protect customer data. SkyView Technology can monitor your network to ensure that all customer, client or visitor data is protected. We offer protocols that are designed to help you upscale without fear that crucial information could become compromised.

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Upscaling your processes without a Managed Service Provider (MSP) could prove challenging. At SkyView Technology, we offer a service that allows you to concentrate on what matters most for your business. All your IT needs are met with a team of specialists who understand the challenges of Managed IT.

Server Protection

Do you value the traffic that travels along your servers? If you don’t, somebody else will. There are bad actors who would like nothing more than to steal the data that is important to your business. Why do they do it? Regardless of the size of the business, hackers have a vested interest in intercepting and stealing sensitive data. Sometimes it is for the challenge, but mostly it’s because there is value in data that is illegally acquired. No matter the reason, you have an obligation to your customers.

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) takes the pressure off your shoulders to monitor that data. We are your safeguard against malicious attacks. Our team closely monitors your network for unusual traffic and helps you formulate an effective strategy against cyber-attacks.

Complete Managed IT

Scalability is an essential process in any business. If you need complete managed Information Technology (IT) services, SkyView Technology can cater to your needs. We work with you to ensure that regardless of the rate at which your business grows, our team will be there to monitor your network and other essential IT processes.

We are a complete Managed IT service. If your business goal is to expand processes, IT and related infrastructure, SkyView Technology will take the pressure off your shoulders. We offer a service that allows you to manage all your essential IT needs for a single monthly cost. You can predict your budget with Managed IT that negates the need for in-house server space and staff.

Compliance Issues

If you would like to learn more about the robust security measures and managed IT solutions that SkyView Technology has to offer for businesses, contact our offices today. We specialize in managed IT services for businesses of any size.

Is compliance an issue for your business? When a business deals with sensitive data, that information is subject to attack. Your business may have a legal obligation to protect data. At SkyView Technology, we are constantly monitoring our cloud network to identify any unusual traffic. If intruders come knocking, we are ready to answer the call.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Rest assured with SkyView Technology’s monitoring and maintenance. It can be very frustrating and time consuming when your company’s major IT systems go down. This downtime can be costly and come with a damaged reputation. The fallout can severely affect your business and customers. Proactively monitoring and maintaining your systems decreases your chances of downtime due to round the clock monitoring of your IT systems.

What is RMM?

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance (RMM) is a set of IT tools used to monitor all activity happening at each workstation and provide this valuable information to the IT Engineers. RMM technology offers remote support to many technological areas including mobile devices and can even prioritize potential issues and the Engineer can then react accordingly. All of this is done to prevent major system errors before they arise while taking the day-to-day maintenance responsibilities off your mind.

Regular monitoring and maintenance has helped many of our clients reduce costs, while increasing network security and performance. This service will also provide significant value to your business. Our maintenance plan offers the following benefits:

Optimized Performance
By performing regularly scheduled analysis, maintenance, and cleaning of your computer system you will realize the peak performance of the hardware and software configuration.
Extended Equipment Life
Routine maintenance not only enhances performance it extends the life of your equipment by keeping it in top operation condition.
Maximized Security
Routine updates and analysis assures the best possible security of your equipment and data and alerts you to potential problems before they damage your system.

Maintenance Procedures also include:

Fully Managed Anti-Virus

What is worse than a virus? Time and money wasted recovering from one!

Every minute counts in today’s business. Stop wasting your valuable and scarce IT resource time and energy on the selection, testing, planning, deployment, updating and reporting of your Anti-virus software.

SkyView’s Managed Anti-Virus service provides the skilled IT resources, domain expertise, centralized monitoring and management facilities, and proactive approach to ensuring the protection of your desktops and laptops against the ever-present threat of viruses, spam and malware attacks.

Fully Managed Solution for the Same Price as Your Anti- Virus Software!

We include enterprise class endpoint software, monitored by us 24/7, and managed by a team of technical experts that will provide you with regular reports to ensure you can see that the devices in your business are protected at all times!

Ransomware Protection/Advanced Endpoint Monitoring

SkyView Technology’s Layered Security services will provide you with the skilled IT resources and enterprise-class security protection and detection you need to ensure the ongoing safety of your network against the ever-evolving security threats in today’s marketplace. The confidentiality and protection of your client’s info is paramount to your viability and success as an organization.
Stop Ransomware Endpoint to identify active threats and remediate attacks. Detect & Respond to ransomware and other attacks by building on your foundation security to rapidly identify and halt even the most sophisticated attacks, minimizing harm and reducing risk to client endpoints.