Do you need an innovative way for employees to access Windows environments from any location, on multiple devices? For many businesses, the ability to relay information quickly and effectively is a game-changing proposition. With Windows Virtual Desktop, you gain the ability to access the processes, information and systems needed to run your business on the go.

Customization and rapid deployment are two of the main benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop. There is no need to install and roll out new software, as all deployments are handled in a virtual environment. From apps like Microsoft Office 365 to OneNote, employees are furnished with all the tools that they need.

A client OS will allow you to assign multiple users to the same virtual machine (VM). This multi-session experience is especially beneficial to businesses that struggle to incorporate necessary infrastructure, on-site. Workload balance is another consideration when thinking about Windows Virtual Desktop. You can tailor the user experience according to processes and access needs.

Real-Time Updates & Security

When you work with native operating systems, updates and security are handled in-house to ensure continuity of processes. Windows Virtual Desktop eliminates the need to rollout updates that can result in unnecessary downtime. Updates are completed in the virtual environment so that there is negligible disruption.

Enhanced security protocols are in place to protect Windows Virtual Desktop environments. You can run Windows Virtual Desktop on Windows 7 or Windows 10 – based client operating systems. The virtualization and deployment of both legacy and modern apps is always seamless and secure.

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