Secure Third-Party Apps on Your Network

Third-party apps, software and vendors offer a wide variety of benefits for companies of all sizes; they also can add a large amount of security risk if not installed and managed with high Computer Networking security standards. Some of the largest recent cyberattacks on large businesses to steal data were facilitated through third-party apps and vendors. Don’t let your company’s third-party apps be a hole in your network security armor- rely on SkyView Technology, Inc. and our Computer Networking security services to ensure your network security in conjunction with your third-party apps.

Third-Party Software- Risk Assessment Services

At SkyView Technology, we offer a full-range of high Computer Networking security services, including risk assessment for third-part software. Before adding any new software to your company’s network, talk to our security professionals to perform a risk assessment. We can evaluate how the new software will effect your security and compliances levels, then offer solutions.

In many cases, the security risk of certain third-party software outweighs the benefits. Let our security experts help you find and install the best software that will give your company the benefits without the risk.

A security leak in your network can jeopardize your company’s reputation, proprietary information and industry compliance; don’t open your company up for this risk with third-party apps and software that are unsecure. Our team of security experts and network engineers at SkyView Technology can help ensure that your network stays secure while using the best software and third-party apps available. Contact SkyView Technology or call us today to schedule a risk assessment consultation.

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