Servers support core business processes to help your business run more efficiently, including managing users, storing important data and files, running centrally accessed software applications, managing and securing network access and permissions, and more. SkyView Technology provides Computer Networking support and professional server management & consulting services to ensure that your server or servers run at peak performance and speed, while maintaining strict security and seamless stability.

Our server consultants are highly experienced working with the Microsoft Windows Server platform, on a variety of server types, including:

Small Business Server Support

One of the most valuable services SkyView Technology provides is support for small businesses that cannot afford an in-house Computer Networking staff. Network support requires expert knowledge to maintain your servers to perform optimally for your business while meeting all your security and compliance needs. Let our network experts be your full-time network support staff, giving you a better level of Computer Networking support as your larger competitors.

SkyView Technology’s comprehensive server management and server support services include evaluating server performance requirements, selecting and ordering server hardware, configuring and installing new servers on your network, updating and managing network software and licensing, applying operating system and software patches and updates, implementing and maintaining server security policies, server user management, server upgrades, server replication and data backup, and ongoing server support.

For comprehensive network support at the highest level, contact us online or call SkyView Technology today to schedule a consultation for your business.

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