What would happen to your business if you and your team suddenly did not have access to your email? What if an outside entity was able to access your proprietary information by hacking into your company email accounts? So much of business communication is perpetrated through email that it is absolutely essential to ensure that it is secure and functioning at all time.

SkyView Technology offers full-time Computer Networking support to manage your email services. From technical support to ensuring the security of your company email server, we offer affordable outsourced email management for businesses of all sizes.

Encrypted Email Experts

You need to know your business’ email accounts are secure, especially with the use of mobile devices that use various networks and connections outside the secure network of your business. Our security experts can ensure that your email is securely encrypted and stored remotely to meet your company security and compliance needs.

Many companies are moving their email to the cloud for enhanced capabilities and security. A cloud email server can offer unlimited storage, mobile access, security, redundancy and collect all your email accounts under one interface. Our email experts can help move your email server to the cloud to give your company all these benefits, with no hardware to maintain.

Make sure your email is protected 24/7 with our secure email support services. Contact us online or call SkyView Technology today to learn more about our outsourced email management and other Computer Networking services.