Whether you are starting a new business, adding a new location or just need a new network for your existing office, SkyView Technology  is your network installation expert! Business Computer Networking network needs have changed dramatically in the past few years, making it necessary to conform to these new standards. From configuring your office hardware and software to synching your network for mobile capabilities, we can handle all your network needs, from assessment to installation and maintenance.

We start by offering network assessment and design services to ensure that your new network will give your business the Computer Networking capabilities it needs. Our information technology consultants can offer solutions for your business to bring your network to the next level, with enhanced data security, backup options and cloud computing for remote access and function.

Installing Your New Computer Networking Network

Once we design a network to meet and exceed your Computer Networking needs, we start installing and configuring all hardware, software and network configurations in accordance with the network design plan, including servers, desktops, laptops, printers, scanner/fax, wireless access points, wireless devices (Blackberry, iPhone, etc.) switches, routers, modems, wiring & cabling, Microsoft Office, Symantec security software, specialized third-party software and anything else needed to smoothly maintain your business processes. We rigorously test all our network installations to ensure that our clients are able to quickly resume their function with special emphasis placed on implementing network modifications and additions with minimal to no interruption of daily processes.

SkyView Technology’s professional network design, installation and consulting services have helped clients of every size thrive and grow, from established multi-location organizations to small start-ups. For more information, please contact us today or call us to speak with a network design and installation specialist.