Is your business’ network proving the best connectivity, performance and security? Technology is improving and evolving at a fast-pace, making it crucial for businesses to update their network capabilities. At SkyView Technology, we offer expert network assessment services to our clients that can help ensure that they have the best network available to meet their productivity, security and compliance needs.

Our information technology consulting professionals start our network assessment by completing a thorough overview of your existing network to identify current configurations, security, hardware, software, processes, users, policies, etc., and determine how a new or modified network design could achieve better security, speed, usability and/or performance. We take into consideration the specialized needs of your business, including implementing a DRP plan, compliance specifications and other business or industry operational needs.

Implementing a New Network Design

Once we have assessed your current network, our network design experts will propose a new design to better suite your business’ needs. Our engineers can install your new network design, ensuring that all your current software and hardware is configured to transition smoothly into your new network. We offer start to finish network assessment, design and installation, with continued consulting and support for the future.

Are you ready to upgrade your business’ network to a faster, more efficient system? Contact us or call one of our network assessment experts today to schedule your consultation.