Do you have on-site active directories that need integrated support? Microsoft Azure is designed for seamless connection to existing IT solutions. Windows Admin Center is part of the package and allows for remote server management. With Azure backup and site recovery, downtime is practically eliminated. Less than five clicks result in full restoration of your important and sensitive data.

File synchronization is another important feature of Microsoft Azure. Full replication of existing Windows servers is achievable. If you run an IaaS—Windows server or Linux virtual machines, Azure services are compatible with your datacenter. With the added benefits of enhanced security and compliance, Microsoft Azure support from SkyView Technology will complement any business expansion.

Added Azure Benefits for Businesses

Azure Security Center offers additional benefits for protecting data and guaranteeing compliance. If your business is a likely target of attack by hackers and scammers, Microsoft Azure is a tested and proven cloud-based solution. There are several other options available from Microsoft Azure including Azure SQL Database Intelligent Protection and Azure governance.

SkyView Technology is committed to offering our customers robust solutions to address any IT need. If you believe that Microsoft Azure is a good fit for your current or projected processes, we can provide all the support that you need. From network management to help desk services, our team is perfectly positioned to help you meet your goals.

Cloud managed solutions are designed to take pressure off businesses and provide affordable solutions. With Microsoft Azure, you get easily integrated technology that can be managed both locally and remotely.

Contact SkyView Technology today if you would like to learn more about Microsoft Azure support. We can guide you through implementation, management and any help desk services you may need. Our team is uniquely positioned to deliver answers to any of your IT-related questions.