Matthews Heritage Museum: Preserving and Celebrating Local History in Matthews, North Carolina

Matthews Heritage Museum: Preserving and Celebrating Local History in Matthews, North Carolina


Located in the quaint town of Matthews, North Carolina, the Matthews Heritage Museum serves as a custodian of the town’s rich history and cultural legacy. Housed in the historic Massey-Clark House, one of the oldest buildings in Matthews, the museum offers visitors a window into the past, showcasing the evolution of this charming community from its early days to the present.

Historical Background of the Museum

The Matthews Heritage Museum is housed in a building that dates back to 1879, offering a historical setting for the exploration of local history. The museum was established to preserve and share the unique story of Matthews, from its early days as a farming community to its growth into a vibrant suburb of Charlotte.

Exhibits and Collections

The museum’s exhibits are thoughtfully curated to reflect the history and evolution of Matthews:

  • Permanent Exhibits: These exhibits cover various aspects of local history, including the town’s agricultural roots, the impact of the railroad, and the development of commerce and community life.
  • Special Exhibits: The museum regularly hosts special exhibits focusing on specific themes, events, or notable figures in Matthews’ history.
  • Photographic Archives: A collection of historical photographs provides a visual journey through the town’s past, capturing significant moments and everyday life.

Educational Programs and Community Outreach

The Matthews Heritage Museum is deeply committed to education and community engagement:

  • School Programs: The museum offers educational programs for students, aligning with North Carolina’s curriculum standards and providing hands-on learning experiences.
  • Community Events and Workshops: Regularly scheduled events, workshops, and lectures engage the community in historical discussions and activities.
  • Collaboration with Local Organizations: The museum collaborates with local schools, historical societies, and community groups to promote historical awareness and preservation.

Preservation Efforts and Historical Research

The museum plays a critical role in preserving Matthews’ heritage:

  • Historical Research: The museum conducts ongoing research into local history, uncovering and documenting the stories of Matthews’ past.
  • Preservation of Artifacts: Efforts to collect and preserve historical artifacts ensure that the tangible evidence of the town’s history is safeguarded for future generations.

Architectural Significance

The Massey-Clark House itself is of significant historical and architectural interest:

  • Preserved Historic Home: The preservation of the Massey-Clark House offers visitors an authentic historical setting.
  • Architectural Features: The building’s architectural features provide insights into the construction styles and domestic life of the late 19th century.

Visitor Experience

Visitors to the Matthews Heritage Museum can expect an immersive experience that combines historical education with the charm of exploring a historic home:

  • Interactive Tours: The museum offers guided tours, providing in-depth insights into the exhibits and the history of Matthews.
  • Family-Friendly Exploration: The museum’s exhibits are designed to be engaging for visitors of all ages, making it an ideal destination for families and history enthusiasts.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

The museum strives to be accessible and inclusive to all visitors:

  • Accessible Facilities: Efforts are made to accommodate visitors with disabilities, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the museum’s offerings.
  • Inclusive Historical Narratives: The museum is committed to presenting a comprehensive and inclusive history of Matthews, reflecting the diverse stories of its residents.


The Matthews Heritage Museum in Matthews, North Carolina, offers a unique and engaging experience for those interested in exploring the rich tapestry of local history. Its commitment to preserving and sharing the story of Matthews makes it an invaluable resource and a treasured landmark in the community.

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