Why Companies Choose SkyView Technology

SkyView Technology offers nearly 2 decades of proactive, award winning, support with an average customer retention of over 10 years. We employ only reliable and certified engineers and offer 24/7 support with a quick response time. Whether you are looking for complete outsourcing or supplemental I.T. support for your in-house staff, SkyView Technology is there to take the worry out of your I.T.

Fully Outsourced I.T

  • No hiring/firing and managing
  • Cost Control
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Monitoring and Security 24/7
  • Remote Support for ALL employees
  • Personalized Onboarding
  • Centralized Management

Supplemental I.T. Support

  • Specialized Skills
  • Leverage Expertise
  • Specialized technicians and experience
  • Cost Control
  • Customizable Support Solutions
  • 24/7 availability
  • Compliance Expertise

SkyView Technology partners with large companies by bringing enterprise-grade management tools, to proactively manage and support all aspects of your infrastructure 24/7.

Our proactive approach will immediately decrease downtime and increase efficiency, productivity, reliability, performance and security.

Case Study

Nationwide Professional Services Company

When we first started working with this client, a multi-million dollar company with hundreds of clients nationwide, their database was increasingly unable to handle the data management and reporting demands of skyrocketing growth. With their in-house Computer Networking staff already overwhelmed by day-to-day tasks, they did not have enough personnel to oversee a migration to a more stable platform.

SkyView Technology assembled a team of experienced development specialists to complete the project. Over six months, our experts planned and executed the complex migration, in full collaboration with our client’s staff, and also provided post go-live support. The scalable new database helped them manage and increase growth, and enabled easy integration of new locations. Decreased data errors and downtime allowed them to redirect freed-up resources to core business objectives, further enhancing revenue streams.

One year after the migration, the client was purchased, requiring both integration with the parent company’s data systems, and a full rebranding of all applications, systems, graphics, and websites. With the assistance of the SkyView Technology team, its development staff was able to complete both in a few months, instead of the six months to a year it would have taken alone.

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Today, they depend on SkyView Technology to provide the specialists they need for customized application and database development. By delegating these projects to us, their internal Computer Networking staff is able focus on business growth activities, thereby streamlining processes and increasing profit.

Whether you’re a large enterprise, a small start-up, or somewhere in between, SkyView Technology, Inc. experts can help. Our experienced engineers and developers are available as much or as little as needed, for occasional assistance or full time support. To give you a better understanding of how we can help your business, some example case studies are provided on the following page.

Temporary IT Staffing

Are you looking for reliable temporary IT staffing that can help you with an upcoming migration to the Cloud or help you with another type of one-time IT project? Taking a business to the next level often requires a significantly more sophisticated IT infrastructure. Facilitating in-house IT management or upgrades is not always possible. If you need a temporary IT staffing solution that has the expertise required to help you meet your goals, SkyView Technology can help.

We understand that maintaining productivity is important to your business. Downtime can significantly impact the productivity of your employees, whether it is due to failed IT, compromised user access or a disaster. Our goal is to provide a fast-acting solution that won’t leave your business in the dark. We can handle several areas of business continuity, including networking, hardware maintenance and much more.

One-Time Projects, Supplemental IT Support Compliance and Security Audits (3rd Party Audits)

Most modern businesses experience issues surrounding compliance. When your employees handle sensitive data, the potential for that information to fall into the wrong hands is heightened. If you need to enhance your IT security and compliance, SkyView Technology is here to provide solutions. We can move all the data that is stored on in-house servers to a secure and monitored cloud network. This service will cost you a fraction of what it would take to employ an on-site IT team.

Many businesses and organizations face unique compliance and legal issues. At SkyView Technology, we aim to ensure that every solution is tailored to your needs. HIPAA, SEC and U.S. Securities are just some of the required standards that we have helped our clients meet through integrated and monitored IT. If you need one-time support to migrate data or incorporate entirely new systems and processes, we are equipped to ensure a smooth transition.

Temporary IT solutions can provide permanent answers in a crisis. If your business is under threat and budget restraints are tying your hands, look to SkyView Technology. We are in a position to quickly understand your business processes and systems, allowing for fast and effective migration of sensitive data.

Business Continuity When It Matters

The reason that many businesses fail during a disaster is not due to a lack of foresight but, rather, the inability to budget for disaster continuity. When all your money is tied up in growing the business, it’s easy to defer or ignore IT management expenses. You only have to make it to the next quarter, and then there will be enough in the pot to support IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, catastrophic events are cruel in both timing and intent. It can take minutes to lose huge amounts of data that could cripple your business.

SkyView Technology offers cost-effective services for managing your IT services. If you need a temporary solution to migrate from physical infrastructure to a cloud solution, we are here to support your business and employees throughout the process. Our team has extensive experience in working with small, medium and large businesses on projects involving even the most sensitive data types. Compliance issues are always a key focus when you trust our specialist IT team to manage and store your data.

Do you have an upcoming project that will require transferring large amounts of important data and system access? Reach out to SkyView Technology today. We offer a seamless experience in temporary IT services. With expert advice and guidance, your business can significantly limit employee downtime and upscale within even the most conservative budget.

Case Studies