Implementing a disaster recovery plan for your Computer Networking network is an essential part of comprehensive business continuity planning and can protect you from financial and legal complications of data loss. If a disaster does occur, having preventive disaster recovery procedures in place significantly decreases or eliminates downtime and data loss, saving you thousands of dollars and allowing your business to resume operations within hours of a system crash. With our cloud services, our Computer Networking consultants can help you develop a comprehensive Computer Networking continuity plan to minimize and eliminate downtime and data loss in the event of a crash.

Data Recovery Experts

SkyView Technology specializes in business data and disaster recovery. Our engineers have years of experience in retrieving, restoring and rebuilding data and Computer Networking networks after catastrophic events, including server crashes, database crashes, virus infections, power failures, power surges, fires, floods and even intentional sabotage. Our disaster recovery experts can often restore your data and critical functionality the same day, allowing your business to get back up and running with minimal downtime.

We recover data from a wide variety of storage media, including servers, desktop PCs, laptops, NAS/SAN volumes, PDAs, Blackberry devices, Smartphones, tape drives, flash drives, external hard drives and more. Our engineers and developers also have extensive experience recovering, repairing and restoring databases including Microsoft Exchange, Blackberry Enterprise Server, SQL Server, MySQL Server, Microsoft Access and many others. Even if your physical hardware cannot be recovered or restored, we can set up offsite or cloud hosting for your data and applications, allowing you to log in remotely until new equipment can be installed.

For more information, to request a quote or to schedule data/network disaster recovery service, please contact us through our secure web form, or call us to speak with a data/disaster recovery specialist.