Did you know that the typical person can see less than 1% of content hosted on the internet? The other 99% is made up of private networks, databases and an area known as the “dark web.” When corporate or personal data is compromised in a data breach or phishing scam, it will inevitably end up shared on the dark web before the cybercrime is identified.

Are your business credentials on the dark web?

    Cyber security protocols such as multi-layer password authentication and strength can prevent further breaches. However, these measures do not work in all cases. If your business is at risk from scammers or hackers, dark web monitoring services provide added protection in several ways.

    Flagging Data Breaches

    SkyView Technology monitors the dark web for signals that suggest sensitive data has been compromised. We are constantly reviewing how cyber criminals gather and use data on the dark web. It is important to have a firm understanding of current methodologies to protect our business customers and their interests.

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    When compromised data is identified, SkyView Technology can act quickly to help secure your business network. We also offer network monitoring, IT helpdesk and data security services that are affordable and effective. When it comes to data breaches, a proactive rather than reactive approach is the best way to safeguard customer data. Our team is committed to staying one step ahead of scammers and hackers at all times.

    Email & Password Protection

    Emails and associated password lists are the most common target for dark web cyber criminals. Despite the advice of cyber security experts, many people continue to use the same email and password combination across multiple platforms. The SkyView Technology dark web monitoring team can help businesses put protocols in place that will prevent further breaches and educate employees on better password protection.

    If you are concerned about customer or employee data finding its way onto the dark web, reach out to SkyView Technology to discuss monitoring services today.