Increasingly sophisticated hacks and scams are costing U.S. businesses millions of dollars each year. From phishing scams to data breaches, there are countless ways that cyber criminals can make money at your expense. Most companies cannot afford to pay a dedicated team of onsite cyber security experts, leaving assets vulnerable to attack.

It is also important to protect your business and customers from scammers and hackers. Besides loss of revenue, customer confidence can be compromised by a successful data breach. Large corporations have invested billions in reinforcing cyber security, which is not an option for small to medium businesses. SkyView Technology can provide affordable cyber security services for businesses of any size.

Network & Data Protection

Cybercrimes, by their very nature, are conducted over an internet connection. That means your network access points are the primary target. There are various methods used to breach a network, ranging from crude brute force attacks to more sophisticated backdoor attacks. It is not enough to set up initial security protocols and hope for the best. Cyber criminals are constantly finding exploits that allow them to access business networks, so it is important to constantly review and update security measures.

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At SkyView Technology, we offer multi-level cyber security services. Our network management and monitoring team can identify and neutralize any threats. Robust password protocols reduce the risk of a direct breach of systems. Advanced virus protection is always on and safeguarding your systems. We can tailor your cyber security services to suit business needs and keep your business compliant with any necessary laws or regulations.

Are you concerned about the threat of cybercrimes? Reach out to a representative from SkyView Technology to discuss cyber security services today. We are here to help you protect your business and customers in Chicago, Charleston and Charlotte.