With a steady and growing clientele, this client needed a better way to access and manage data, as well as smoothly integrated computer systems for handling day-to-day tasks. Serious security and compliance issues were also a high-priority concern. They recognized that IT help was needed, but as a small business, it didn’t make sense to hire a full-time tech.

SkyView Technology, Inc. configured a simple network linking all computers and peripherals, eliminating many previous functionality and compatibility problems. Remote access was enabled to allow employees to work from home and in the field, and robust, up-to-date security measures were implemented to protect their data and meet industry compliance requirements.

With a stable, secure network infrastructure in place, our client has more time to devote to maintaining and growing its business. As it grows, SkyView Technology, Inc. ensures its network grows smoothly too, and is on call for same-day technical support. We also help them realize significant cost savings, by eliminating the need for a full time IT staff person.