This client had several locations with servers and numerous staff in each, but did not have a secure, efficient way to access and share data among them; they also experienced frequent downtime due to incompatible and outdated computer hardware and software. They needed on-call technical support, but did not require a full-time IT staff member.

SkyView Technology, Inc. set up a secure, industry compliant interoffice network with replicating servers, allowing all locations to access and work with the same data in real time. After we implemented rigorous security policies and up-to-date hardware and software, their systems ran better and faster, resulting in decreased downtime and increased productivity.

With a smoothly functioning technology infrastructure, our client had more time to see new patients and grow the business, resulting in the opening of several additional locations. With a thorough understanding of their network and needs, we acquired and pre-configured all necessary IT hardware and software, and the new offices were fully and seamlessly integrated into their network in a matter of hours.

This client’s business continues to grow, and they rely on SkyView Technology, Inc. to keep their technology working at peak performance. To prevent issues and maintain security, we perform regular network maintenance, and whenever help is needed, they simply give us a call for same-day resolution.