Nationwide Professional Services Company

When we first started working with this client, a multi-million dollar company with hundreds of clients nationwide, their database was increasingly unable to handle the data management and reporting demands of skyrocketing growth. With their in-house IT staff already overwhelmed by day-to-day tasks, they did not have enough personnel to oversee a migration to a more stable platform.

SkyView Technology, Inc. assembled a team of experienced development specialists to complete the project. Over six months, our experts planned and executed the complex migration, in full collaboration with our client’s staff, and also provided post go-live support. The scalable new database helped them manage and increase growth, and enabled easy integration of new locations. Decreased data errors and downtime allowed them to redirect freed-up resources to core business objectives, further enhancing revenue streams.

One year after the migration, the client was purchased, requiring both integration with the parent company’s data systems, and a full rebranding of all applications, systems, graphics, and websites. With the assistance of the SkyView Technology, Inc. team, its development staff was able to complete both in a few months, instead of the six months to a year it would have taken alone.

Today, they depend on SkyView Technology, Inc. to provide the specialists they need for customized application and database development. By delegating these projects to us, their internal IT staff is able focus on business growth activities, thereby streamlining processes and increasing profit.