For obvious reasons, accounting and finance departments or businesses are prime targets for cyber criminals. Banks and other large financial organizations can afford to put large-scale protections in place. For small to medium businesses, those same luxuries may not exist.

If there is risk from data breaches or phishing scams that could result in financial loss for a business or its customers, robust protections are crucial. IT services including network management, data security, password protection and deep web monitoring from SkyView Technology are effective and affordable.

Network Management & Monitoring

To help protect sensitive data in accounting and finance, it is important to ensure that your business network is secure. SkyView Technology monitors all traffic traveling to and from your network to prevent cyber criminals from accessing financial data.

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We manage access to the network and can help your business improve security through the identification and elimination of vulnerabilities. SkyView Technology offers a range of additional services that complement network management and monitoring, such as access to a dedicated help desk.

Safe Data Storage

Safe data storage is an essential measure for accounting and finance businesses. At SkyView Technology, we provide access to safe and secure off-site data storage for our customers. All data is regularly backed up to provide additional assurances and help the business meet compliance requirements.

Our team understands the importance of keeping financial data safe. If your business needs tailored protection, SkyView Technology can provide expert advice, guidance and services. Do not allow your business or customers to suffer at the hands of cyber criminals in Charlotte, Charleston or Chicago. We are here to provide affordable and effective support.

Explore IT service options for your accounting and finance departments today. Contact a representative from SkyView Technology to discuss essential business needs.

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