Data Management


Business has always revolved around information management, and business data management has gained increasing significance as more and more data is generated (and regulated). Added to this is the continuing trend toward exclusively electronic documents and records, presenting organization, storage, and security challenges unique to the digital age.

SkyView Technology, Inc. offers a variety of digital asset management solutions to address issues such as organization, storage, access, retrieval, view/edit/delete privileges, security, backup, archiving, and compliance. We design flexible data management systems to meet complex business requirements, while maintaining strict access, security, and backup policies to prevent unauthorized access, editing, and deletion (intentional or accidental).

Business data management is a key component of appropriate network management, and should also be part of your overall operations strategy. On the IT side alone, data and information management intersect with multiple areas, including network security, data backup and storage, data conversion & migration, electronic document management, compliance, data/disaster recovery, business continuity planning, and business process management.

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